Continuing medical education (CME)

Medical education

High-value continuing medical education programmes based on scientific rigour for doctors and other health professionals.

When should CME be considered?

  • A change of paradigm
    To disseminate new concepts and paradigms within the framework of a condition or treatment.

  • Changes to protocols and/or guidelines
    To further your knowledge of new healthcare protocol and/or guideline updates and of management collaboration relationships.

  • New needs
    To provide training to cover unmet needs detected and which will be of value to the healthcare community.

What will you achieve with a CME programme?

Guarantee that knowledge, expertise and qualifications are always up to date

Teach learners how to create and produce their own resources

Boost communication between healthcare professionals and other stakeholders

Turn learners into experts and consolidate learning

Improve healthcare professionals career

Types of CME programmes

Adelphi Targis facilitate access to its training programmes, providing flexibility and innovation in learning formats and channels. We produce online, attendance-based or hybrid formats.

We are authorised to award accreditation for this training, and we accompany our clients in any procedures required to formally certify the quality of programmes, content and implementation of such activities.

We address both quantitative (duration) and qualitative (objectives, relevance, organisation, methodology and evaluation) items to maximise the credits awarded.

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