Gamified clinical cases

Medical education

Generating reflection, training and/or discussion among healthcare professionals through gamification

When should gamified clinical cases be used?

  • Meetings
    Promote reflection and discussion between groups of people in a pleasant and competitive context.

  • Training
    Improve the resolution of clinical cases, providing feedback to foster the "learning by doing" experience. It can also be used as a Continuig Medical Education tool.

  • Events
    Optimise mass meetings/events, promoting team-based competition through the resolution of clinical cases.

  • Research
    Understand how a condition is managed, certain cases treated or decisions taken in a simulated situation.

What will you achieve with gamified clinical cases?

Promote reflection on how to manage a condition

Generate meaningful learnings among healthcare professionals

Entertain and surprise your clients with a friendly, competitive and innovative activity

Acquire a better understanding of how healthcare professionals think and take decisions

What will you achieve with gamified clinical cases?

Adelphi Targis has specific validated tools for developing gamified clinical cases, such as VirtualClinic®, which can be adapted to each and every project.

We also develop other ad hoc solutions based on clinical video cases, voting, games...

They can all be used in attendance-based and online settings.

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