Development and psychometric validation of scales

Evidence generation

Psychometrically-validated instruments to evaluate patient-reported health outcomes

When should a psychometric scale be developed?

  • Patient experience
    Capture the patient’s experience to evaluate the impact of disease or treatment on quality of life or activities of daily living.

  • Subjective variables
    Identify subjective variables expressed by the patient when the diagnosis depends on it.

  • New need
    Conduct a linguistic validation and a cultural adaptation when there are no validated scales in the target language.

  • Identification and diagnostic
    Facilitate the detection and diagnosis of diseases or conditions that do not have clearly identifiable clinical signs or symptoms.

What will you achieve by developing a psychometric scale?

A validated tool for use in clinical studies

An interesting tool for physicians

A scientific publication with a high citation potential

Collaborate with professionals in a project with high scientific and clinical value

Improve your positioning in the area of interest

Success stories

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