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Scientific publications

Scientific communication

The dissemination of knowledge, reflections, and research outcomes to professionals and experts in scientific journals and/or communications at congresses.

What should we communicate through a scientific publication?

  • We write the following publications:

    • Scientific studies (for example, clinical trails, observational studies, epidemiologic studies, RWE, PRO,...)

    • Meta-analyses

    • Systematic or non-systematic literature reviews

    • Consensuses through the Delphi methodology

    • Opinion studies and surveys

    • Expert recommendations

    • Clinical cases

What will you achieve with a scientific publication?

Communicate the activity or research performed

Build up and reinforce value messages

Improve your positionning in the area of interest

Report results or outcomes with scientific rigour

Communicate effectively

Reach the desired audience by adapting the language

+150 publications during the last years

Publication according to the methodology

Publications according to the speciality