Advisory boards

Expert engagement

Virtual, attendance-based or hybrid sessions for a participation-based debate.

When should an Advisory board be held?

  • Positioning
    Gauge experts’ opinion about a given positioning.

  • Launch
    Share scientific evidence or launch material with experts and capture their opinions.

  • Results
    Access expert and specialist opinions to interpret clinical data.

  • Needs
    Analyse and describe needs and define possible actions that provide an answer to them.

  • Opinion
    Collect the opinions of experts about a topic of interest.

What will you achieve with an Advisory board?

Extend your knowledge and understanding of an area of interest

Promote reflection on specific aspects

Allow interaction and active participation between experts

Get valuable individual and group opinions

Promote expert networking

Create working groups

Types of Advisory boards

We at Adelphi Targis are experts in moderating attendance-based and online advisory boards, as well as in using specific techniques for each medium, objective and audience.

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