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Delphi methodology

Evidence generation

Validated method based on analysis, experience and reflection in order to obtain an expert consensus

When should the Delphi methodology be used?

  • Recommendations
    Define lines of action, responsibilities, and referral for disease management.

  • Burden of disease
    Measure health from social and/or economic standpoints.

  • New paradigm
    Disseminate new concepts in a condition or treatment.

  • New needs
    Identify new opportunities.

  • Trends
    Pre-empt the market dynamic.

What will you achieve with the Delphi methodology?

Promote reflection, validate decisions, consolidate practices

Interact on a regular basis with healthcare professionals

Collaborate with medical or scientific societies

Generate a high quality impact through scientific publications

Obtain short-/medium-term results and publications

Improve your positioning in the area of interest

Success stories