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Expert meetings

Expert engagement

Online or attendance-based meetings with healthcare professionals to debate, opine, share, co-create...

When should expert meetings be held?

  • Dissemination
    Present evidence data customized for the attendees.

  • Training
    Share information with experts about the product’s characteristics, management, new evidence-related data, etc.

  • Interaction with KOL
    Promote contact and share experiences with national and international KOL.

  • Characterisation
    Define the patient profile who is a candidate for a drug or treatment sequence.

  • Product differentiation
    Discuss and explore, in depth, the characteristics and attributes of certain drugs or devices.

  • Protocolisation 
    Co-create action protocols or guidelines.

What will you achieve with expert meetings?

Disseminate scientific evidence

Promote interaction between experts

Improve your positioning in the area of interest

Create scientific publications

Obtain content for scientific materials

Generate new ideas for possible activities

Types of expert meetings:

Adelphi Targis has different validated tools for organising expert meetings that will fulfill your objectives.

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