Sara García

Junior Consultant

Graduate in Chemistry (UCM), Master’s in Molecular and Biological Chemistry (EPFL, Switzerland | University of Florida, USA) and Master’s in International Monitoring of Clinical Trials (CESIF). Experience as La Caixa INPhINIT fellow in Experimental Hematology research (IIS-FJD).

My background in translational research in numerous therapeutic areas has allowed me to acquire an integrative view of the problems that basic research faces in the clinical implementation process.

Over the years, I have been part of a wide variety of working groups and university associations in different countries, providing me with great ability for communication, problem solving and adaptability to different environments.

Currently, as Junior Consultant in Adelphi Targis, I contribute with my scientific background along with my communication skills for the development of different projects in the pharmaceutical industry in an analytical and creative way.

"Problem-solving, intuitive and versatile’"
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