Raquel Sales

Junior Consultant

BSc in Pharmacy (Universitat de Barcelona), MSc in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research (Brunel University London), PhD in Cellular Biology (Brunel University London) and Master in the Scientific Departments of the Pharmaceutical Industry (ESAME).

During my years dedicated to basic research I have developed my critical thinking abilities and I have strengthened my time management skills. Also, spending 6 years in the UK has allowed me to meet and work with people from around the world, adapting to different cultures and ways to work.

Currently, in Adelphi Targis, as a Junior Consultant, I contribute with my scientific knowledge and analytical skills to different projects for the pharmaceutical industry, always following clients’ needs but keeping the so-much-needed scientific accuracy. 

"critical thinker, compromised, resilient"
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C/ Aragó 182,  7th floor
08011 Barcelona - Spain
+34 93 452 39 11
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