Maria Ruart

Junior Consultant

Graduate in Biomedical Sciences (University of Barcelona), Master’s in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry (Pompeu Fabra University), PhD in Medicine (University of Barcelona) and Master’s in Scientific Departments of the Pharmaceutical Industry (ESAME).

I have always strived to improve patients’ quality of life and have also worked in basic translational research into cystic fibrosis and NASH. Over the years, I have developed and honed my critical and organisational capacity, as well as my resilience.

Currently, as Junior Consultant at Adelphi Targis, I provide my scientific background and experience to generate solutions that meet our customers’ needs and help them to bring their projects to a successful conclusion.

"Consistent, collaborative, methodical"
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C/ Aragó 182,  7th floor
08011 Barcelona - Spain
+34 93 452 39 11
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