Hepatitis C Observatory

What did Adelphi Targis provide?

Adelphi Targis coordinated the participation of experts and the execution of all the actions involved in the Observatory.

The Hepatitis C Observatory is a multidisciplinary work group comprised of healthcare professionals, patient associations, journalists and members of the health administration that was set up with a view to improving knowledge and awareness of hepatitis C and to improve the quality of life of people with this condition.

The Observatory’s actions took several forms:

  • Organisation of the Hepatitis C Meeting Points, a multimedia exhibition with informative material about the disease, where people could have their queries about hepatitis C cleared up and also get information about the disease.
  • The creation and dissemination of a set of videos about this condition.
  • Publication of the book “La Hepatitis C en España: Reflexiones con una visión multidisciplinar”

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