Co-creation sessions

Generación de evidencia

Participative sessions designed to detect problems, find solutions and create value proposals. Sessions with both external and internal clients

When should co-creation sessions be proposed?

  • Challenge
    Look for solutions to problems

  • Solution
    Look for solutions to problems

  • Innovation
    Develop and plan future strategies

  • Strategy
    Creat product/services with more consistent value, levering creativity and teamwork

  • Creation
    Think differently, go further

  • Realidades asistenciales
    Para facilitar la puesta en común y la comprensión de experiencias y prácticas clínicas en entornos distintos

What will you achieve with co-creation sessions?

Active participation, closer expert engagement

Interaction between groups, experts from different areas and the client

Loyalty, the participating experts become part of the change

Commitment to the consideration of value solutions

Involvement in the analysis of the problem/realities

Responsability in decisions and the resulting actions

Success stories

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